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Professional ServicesAccelerated Learning Solutions is a professional, full-service school management company that assists our school partners in delivering extraordinary results on the most important academic, financial and community service measures.

We can become your partner in creating a customized education solution for your school’s leadership team. We are an experienced team of leaders, educators, school facility planners, financing experts and marketing professionals who listen to our customers’ needs and understand your objectives.

Our planning and execution of our services is extensive and thorough – as a result, we have achieved market-leading results for our school partners in some of the most challenging situations.

A focus on high school dropout prevention and recovery

We offer school districts and charter school boards a number of services, including a teacher-directed, self-paced and technology-enhanced dropout prevention and recovery program that helps students stay in school and re-enrolls students who have dropped out and want to return to school.

Our programs integrate innovative instructional methods, social services and career readiness planning with the leadership and support from caring, competent adults. The result - each student has the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and realize postsecondary success.

Our programs have two primary objectives for each student:

  1. Completion of an accelerated, non-traditional path to earn a high school diploma from the local school district.
  2. Beginning a carefully planned transition into a career, trade, military service or postsecondary education.

Get ahead of the curve and contact us today to learn how we can serve your school and community.