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ALS has the resources, the experience and the answers you need to
launch and operate charter schools.

A growing population of America’s students - our young adults - find it difficult to succeed academically or socially in a traditional high school setting.

Many students can achieve more academic success - earn a high school diploma and successfully transition to postsecondary options if a self-paced program with a flexible schedule was available.

By providing a technology-enhanced solution with market-leading instructional software and the support of highly qualified teachers who direct the program, ALS is a solution.

The result – students attend regularly, earn credits and stay in school.



Charter School Development and Operational Support

Charter schools have become an important education option in many communities. Developing, financing and operating these schools are challenges for leaders who have a vision for how a school should serve its students and families.

ALS is able to work with your leadership team to develop and operate a school in partnership with the non-profit board of directors and other stakeholder groups who care about students’ education and local workforce needs.

We provide solutions that take you from the development of your vision to the rigorous steps of preparing a charter application, financing and construction of a school facility and implementing the details of day-to-day operations.

ALS is ready to help you achieve your developmental objectives.


Attracting Students

Comprehensive Research Plus Cost Effective Outreach
Equals Great Marketing

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Schools thrive and grow when students understand they are being taught by caring, competent teachers who make learning relevant. Creating this kind of school starts with thorough research to support the founder’s vision and the school’s objectives.

Our team has over 75 years of experience in developing student outreach marketing programs in education. We have experienced the shifts in instructional methods, technology and the expectations of parents, regulators and community leaders.

We know how to effectively attract and engage students to programs that will have relevance in their lives.


Human Resources

At ALS, when we operate a school for our partners, we recruit and train a group of highly-qualified, effective and caring teachers and support staff. We know your students’ success depends almost entirely on this key factor.

Our recruiting, interviewing and testing processes are thorough and our background checks exceed those done in most school districts.



Facility Design, Construction and Renovation

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There’s more to building a great school than bricks and mortar. To achieve the vision and objectives of the founders, we evaluate the school property, local building codes, construction permitting and other compliance requirements.

We will help you create a real asset in your community – an attractive, functionally efficient and regulatory-compliant learning center for your students.


Financial Management

We understand this very complicated niche and confidently navigate the processes of revenue forecasting, grant writing and securing supplemental funds.

Our financial management experience and consulting partners will provide you with sound processes and financial judgment.