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What is ALS?

Accelerated Learning Solutions is a professional, full-service school management company that helps its partners ensure extraordinary student achievement. We are educators, school facility and financing experts, and marketing professionals. We offer students and charter schools a number of instructional services, including a non-traditional, teacher-directed option to help students catch-up and graduate from high school. Our partnerships produce academically-prepared and motivated young adults who enhance the quality of your community’s workforce.

How does ALS help with America’s high school dropout problem?

ALS partners with school districts to deliver our innovative programs which give at-risk teens, students, and young adults a choice in how, where and when they earn their education. Our goal is to ensure at-risk students earn a quality education and develop 21st century skills that support postsecondary and employment success.

How do I partner with ALS?

Talk to us about your needs and goals. Call us at 1.888.437.9353 or Contact Us through the web form.

Can ALS assume management of existing schools?

Yes. Our extensive services enable us to help your community in a variety of ways.

Where can I visit a school managed by ALS?

Arrange a visit at one of our Florida schools. Call us at 1.888.437.9353 or Contact Us through the web form.

How are ALS programs different?

Our programs are different because we believe at-risk students require and demand a variety of instructional and delivery methods to help them be successful in life. Students in the schools we manage benefit from:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Mastery-based curriculum
  • Self-paced learning
  • Individual progress tracking
  • Career coaching