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Our Mission is to provide students a non-traditional pathway to graduation and post-secondary success.

Accelerated Learning Solutions is a professional, full-service school management company. Our services are proven and we have helped our partners achieve their vision with extraordinary results.

We are school managers, educators, financing experts, marketing professionals and school facility planners who approach these challenges with an emphasis on understanding our customer’s needs and assuring regulatory compliance.

During the planning, school activation and on-going school operations we can support your needs. Our ability to translate a vision into the realities of budgets, student enrollment, instructional methods and student success has been demonstrated in a number of partnerships.

Please contact us to arrange a visit to one of our partnership schools and see the difference these programs are making in the lives of students who need a non-traditional high school option.

Our goal is to help your school and your community’s young adults to:

  • raise foundational skills and build 21st century competencies
  • pass classes, earn credits and graduate from high school
  • enter college, certificate programs or the workforce
  • continue to be actively engaged in their post-secondary choice

Contact ALS today to learn how a custom education solution can help your community.